Retirement Visa

Thai Retirement Visa is for foreigners who is aged 50 years or more. This is a long term visa which will allow you to stay in Thailand for one year. Retirement Visa qualifies foreigners who could satisfy the requirements set by the Thai government: first, the age, and then financial requirement.

For the financial evidence, you need to open a Thai bank account showing at least 800,000 THB (the transfer of the money must be deposited in your bank account in the period of at least 2 months). Alternatively, you can also present monthly income/ pension amounting to THB 65,000. It could also be a combination of both (Bank Account + Income x 12 = THB 800,000).

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Buying Land

Since owning a land in Thailand is restricted for foreigners, expats usually out the land acquired under the name of their girlfriend and spouse. While this is a common and legal practice, in the event of divorce or when things go awry, property dispute may arise, and your investment is not protected. By naming your property acquired under your girlfriend or wife’s name, you are waiving your rights towards the property. Contact our lawyers so you will be advised of the legal aspects, understand the risk, know your best option before you go about your business venture or property acquisition in Thailand.